Patriata(New Murree)

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  • 1st day pick from Lahore to Murree.Rest day and night stay at Murree (6-7 hours drive)
  • 2nd day en route for Patriata(New Murree).Rest day stay at Patriata(New Murree) to enjoy beautiful moments
  • 3rd day at Patriata(New Murree) to enjoy chair lifting and night stay at Patriata
  • 4th day check out for Lahore


Patriata(New Murree)

Patriata otherwise called New Murree is a slope station in northern Punjab, Pakistan. It is 15 km southeast of Murree slope. Patriata is also a hill station known as new Murree. It is the highest point in the area. The area is 9000 feet high above the sea level. The weather here is very cool and amazing. There is a chairlift installed here. Besides this, cable car system is also available to visit the highest point in this area. This area is heavily forested. You can also see the monkeys and leopards moving there.

Patriata(New Murree) exists in Murree Tehsil which is a subdivision of Rawalpindi District. It is the most elevated point in the zone and the slopes stand 7500 feet above ocean level, because of these features it is famous for tourism.

As per what individuals say, that this place gets name unwillingly. Prior to the freedom of Pakistan. An outsider came to visit the place, he didn’t know its name, so he requested that an old woman tells the place’s name. The old woman didn’t know English and was conveying flour in a pot on her head. She felt that the man was getting some information about what she was conveying. So she answered him in north Punjabi or Panjistani “Puttar, Atta” in English it signifies “Child, (it’s) flour”. From this, the place gets a name as Pathriata and is like the Panjistani (or North Punjabi) words Puttar Atta.

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The slope station is a visitor area as the atmosphere here is substantially cooler than advance south. There are a seat lift and link auto framework for heading off to the most astounding point. Moreover, the territory is vigorously woody and there are many monkeys and panthers in the area and center point for tourism because of packing and over immersion in primary Murree.

Amazing view from Patriata(New Murree) chairlifts

It is a pleasant mountain resort having tall trees with shocking unpracticed slopes. Patriata(New Murree) is famous for its chairlift. Moreover, the entire voyaging space is in regards to seven kilometers. New Murree having staggering Kashmir Mountains and lift takes you on the most noteworthy motivation behind the mountain. In addition, a few holidaymaker visit every day for a feathered creatures eye perused of Kashmir unpracticed slopes.

Patriata lies in the middle of hills on the ground like a floor. Moreover, you hire the chairlift, it takes you in the middle of the stunning hills. You can stay there for some time to enjoy the coffee, tea or any other food. Here you find the Cable car, which takes you to Patriata. In addition, here you can do anything, according to an individual’s nature. There is a straight road which takes you to the top of the hill. Here is the best amazing point, where you can see Murree hills. And on the other side, you can watch snow-covered Kashmir. As a result, the chairlift and Cable are no more to forget.

TDCP Resort at New Murree, additionally called Gulehra Gali, is a tranquil withdraw at the most noteworthy purpose of Murree Hills which subsequently is the most elevated purpose of Punjab too. New Murree offers a stunning scene. High forest edges and profound meeting valleys with terraced slants offer brilliant perspectives of this normally delightful region. In addition, TDCP Chairlift and Cable Car give an entrancing and significant experience with the all-encompassing view and exciting rides.

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