Kalash Valley Tour

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Kalash Pakistan

Kalash Valley,  Chitral is located in Southern side of Hindu Kush Mountains Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan. These valleys have a 380-kilometer border northwest on the Afghanistan border, from which you can easily reach Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. Moreover, Gilgit is located on the east and the legendary Karakoram highway in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China.

Origin of Kalash Pakistan

The origin of Kalash has three theories. Some historians believe that the Kalash are ancestors of Alexander the Great’s soldiers, while the other group thinks they are native Asian people in Afghanistan, in the Nuristan region, and the third school of thought believes that Kalash Ancestors of South Asia have moved to far-flung off places in Afghanistan and call them “tsiyam” in folk songs. However, it was determined that Kalash moved from Afghanistan to Chitral in the second century BC.

Kalash Architecture

Kalash architecture is a traditional combination of unique wood crafts and medieval art.

Places to visit in Kalash Valley

Most famous worth-seeing places of Kalash valley are Brun, Batrik, Karkal, Ghaz Guru, Guru, Lake Bahuk, Lake Awazak, Lake Shawal, etc.


Brun is a village in Bumbert Valley, famous for jastakan and charshu at the ballroom feast. It’s a three-day walk along the irrigation channel.


Batrik is a historical place that is famous as the capital of the Kalash and also the Great Kalash God – Mahandeo.


It is a Kalash’s small village in Bumburet famous for dancing rooms and a sacred deodar tree. Charity is distributed under this tree among traditional Kalash.

Ghaz Guru

Ghaz Guru is the small village of Kalash in Birir Valley famous for its beauty of nature and simple lifestyle of people.


In addition to other beautiful places, it is also a famous historical place for its ancient multi-storey houses, and cultural monuments.

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Most famous worth-seeing lakes of Wadi e Kalash

Bahuk Lake

Bahuk Lake, Kalash Ancestors Lake, is between Bumburet and Rumbur valleys. The turquoise glacier lake is located at 4000m amphitheater peaks in the Tirich Mir.  Bumburet and Rumbur also have beautiful hiking area, connecting various areas of the valley, where you can also see shepherds and various flora and fauna.

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Lake Awazak

Lake Awazak flows west of the Bumburet Valley at the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Moreover, its water flows in Bashgai valley in Nuristan.

Lake Shawal

This lake is located in the south of the Bumbert Valley. There are high mountains which surround the lake. From the beginning of the lake, the route leads to the Nuristan region. Mostly, cattle from surrounding areas also come to graze in the pasture.

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