Tipping information



Tipping information

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Tipping is the most essential part of a tour. While going on a trip you should have a tripping etiquette. Our company provides you the best tipping information inside our package.

There is always a curiosity among our self to whom we should tip and how much can we tip. In most of the places many of the people on a touring tip upon racism or favoritism it means that the one tips the person he wants to.

Moreover, you can pay a tip as much as you want to. Our company guides you that the tip you are paying should be minimum. In addition to this,  you can say that you can pay about 15-20 % of the purchase. It is the proper way of tipping. On the other hand, if you don’t tip it is a big mistake. So, tipping is something that should be done so that you should be aware that, yeah you have tipped somebody.