Safety and medical information



Safety and medical information

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Pakistan is the destination where you can enjoy a safe travel. Moreover, Grand tour is giving you the safest Pakistani tour packages. Although all these facilities are quite safe. Still, there are some safety hacks which you have to implement upon.

1.Safety Information

Below are some of the safety hacks which you have to keep in your mind.

  1. A large amount of cash is not allowed on the trip.
  2. You cannot walk alone in dark places.
  3. Street beggars should not be allowed.
  4. The emergency number should be provided.
  5. Proper guidance should be availed from the tour host.
  6. You should keep a touch with your co-friends.
  7. Moreover, your mobile phones should be charged.

Medical Information

An accident or an emergency can occur everytime and everywhere. So we should always have first aid equipment with yourself.

  1. First aid and injury equipment should be available.
  2. Bandages and plaster should be with you.
  3. Painkillers and water bottles should be available.
  4. ointment and pyodine should be with you.

These all information are applicable only in emergency cases.