Food, drink and dietary requirements



Food, drink and dietary requirements

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Dietary Requirements

Diet is the most essential part of life. A human generally depends upon a diet plan. It causes a negative as well as a positive impact on the human body. Our company admires all these services.Grand tours offers you an abundant sort of food and drinks.W e care about your dietary requirements.

Grand tour is providing you the best Pakistani tour which collaborates with your diet plan. You will get breakfast and dinner at an appropriate time. We will provide you with free time to have your break and have the proper diet plan.

1. Breakfast.

The breakfast that is included in your tour package will be in a European style. It will include, coffee, tea, toast, cereals, bread, eggs, yogourt, pastry and much more.

2. Dinner

Our company will provide you with a restaurant to have your dinner. You will get a chance to taste the cousin there. The food that will be provided will be having minor fares and according to your demands.

3. Drinks & Beverages

You will be offered a wide range of drinks and beverages.According to your demands and the meal I.e juices, soda drink, ice creams etc.