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History of Chitral In Pakistan:

Chitral is a District of KPK province has an interesting history. No one knows about the founder of the town. History of Chitral start from 3rd century with a Buddhist King Kanishka. In 4th century, Chinese occupied the Valley. In 14th and 15th century Raees ruled over Chitral. After Raees rule, Kator dynasty controlled over Chitral. Chitral was a princely before Independence. The Mehtar of Chitral, Muzzafar-ul-Mulk announced his intension to join Pakistan at 15 August 1947. However, Pakistan took control over Chitral on 28 July, 1969.

Chitral has uniquely remarkable and historical location with central Asian and European countries due to which its culture resembles with Turkish, Iranian, Tatar and Greek. People of Chitral speaks their local language called “Khowar”. Only 2% of people speak Pushto, Persian and Urdu while 98% speak “Khowar”. Chitral has admirable music tradition. Most Popular game of Chitral is Polo. Most Popular Tournament “Shanduar Polo Tournament” helds every year in Chitral.

There are two entering routes in District Chitral. One route is Lowari pass and other one is Shanduar Pass. Lowari pass is 3118 m and Shanduar pass 3700m above the sea level. This is the entering view of Chitral full of fascination and beautiful sceneries.  Chitral valley is situated in the middle of lofty mountains. It is located 35°53′North and 71°48′ in East. Land area is 57 square kilometers with an average population of 447362 according to the census of 2017.

Visiting Places in Chitral:

Highest Peak of Hindukash Mountain range:

Highest peak, Tierich Mir of HinduKash mountain range is situated in Chitral. From Chitral city you can this lofty mountain peak. We can also watch this peak from Chitral King’s Palace History of Chitral.

Ayon Valley:

This valley is situated on the bank of Chitral River. This is worth seeing place for tourists due to its lush greenery and fresh flowers.

Kalash Valley:

Kalash Valley is renowned for its peculiar believe. Likewise, People of Kalash valley believe that a new sun is born on Dec 21 and the time and style of new sun affects the flora and fauna of the land. They celebrate unique funeral rituals. Correspondingly, these people sing special songs and perform dances on funeral occasions. People of Chitral believe that the departed soul is eager to leave the body and meet other souls after a long separation.

Shanduar Pass:

Renowned Shanduar pass 3738 meters above from the sea level usually covered with snow in winter and turns to green in summer. This pass connects Gilgit with Chitral.

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